Work History

Professional Background


Security Automation Consultant, Fidus Information Security


Jen is currently a Security Automation Consultant with expertise in penetration testing. Specializing in leveraging advanced technologies to enhance cybersecurity processes, they have a strong information security and automation background. They focus on designing and implementing robust security solutions that protect organizations against evolving threats.

Pentester & Automation Specialist, Samurai Security


Provide top-notch evaluations of security (web, mobile, and infrastructure) that meet client demands.
Participate in team evaluations as needed.
Generate well-crafted reports for clients, both written and oral, of exceptional quality.
Assist the sales team in pre-sales activities and contribute technically to bids and proposals.
Conduct research during non-client engagements to improve our services for clients.
Collaborate with various teams within the organization, sharing up-to-date technical expertise to contribute to engaging client projects


Jr Pentester, Bridewell


Deliver high-quality security assessments (web, mobile and infrastructure), meeting client expectations
Get involved in team assessments as required
Produce written and verbal reports to clients to an excellent standard.
Support the sales team with pre-sales and assist with technical input into tenders and proposals
Carry out research when not on client deliverable work that can be used to enhance our services to clients
Work with teams across the business, providing the latest technical knowledge to collaborate on interesting client projects


Developing software solutions to suit business needs, resolving client and business queries and maintenance requests, adapting current software to suit new client needs, managing a task-based ticket service to resolve core user issues. In this role I have developed strong ServiceNow platform skills, expanded my knowledge of programming languages and I am currently working on developing my skills with in AWS and JAVA.


Client procurement, Pen testing, GDPR compliance checking of systems and users, providing cybersecurity solutions for clients which included training staff on common security weaknesses and how to protect against them.


The work was a flexible approach to the delivery of the support desk service and management of ICT services. I had to work with minimal supervision and was expected to use judgment and initiative to make decisions. The role will require high levels of customer service to ensure customers have a positive experience while making requests and ensure they expect set and maintained.


In my position as Cyber Information Analysis, I worked as a head cyber analyst working in a 24-hour information security operations centre ISOC. I also managed and ran several cryptos-Currency mining machines as a service provided to customers that were 24 hours of Linux based work.i have experience configuring antivirus and firewalls of various types.
And part of my workload was making advertisements and social media campaigns and because of this I have extensive experience both in personal and professional settings in software’s such as Photoshop, blender and many other media editing software
• Started a Crypto-mining service
• Trained up a Cyber Security Team
• Hosting serval events such as Hack-A-Thon’s, and GDPR events.


Supporting the ICT department in day to day running, managing the front desk, responding to issues reported from staff and students, registering issues, answering calls, helping create the network for new university buildings

  • Help kit out all the computer labs in the university’s new building.


At back to health Lincoln I was a VR/AR programmer and Head of technical support for five clinics from London to
Ireland from this role I gain significant experience and added to my expertise in an industry I’m already proud to call my
own, I have also developed VR programs to help Chiropractic needs in a medical environment using the HTC
VIVE, alongside programming these custom programs, technical support was a huge part of my job keeping
Multiple clinics around the country up and moving. Making sure the company wasn’t being slowed down by their tech
(by doing updates and improvements).

Customer Services Representative, MINT

I was an agency worker for Mint recruitment that worked flexibly across several venues over the summer, including the Everton
football ground, wedding and silver service venues and racecourse events (grand nation and ladies’ day) through
this I have become well accustomed to dealing with pressure and time constraints whilst maintaining excellent
Customer service. I also became familiar with a variety of till systems and set ups. This has made me feel.
confident about going into a new working situation and having to learn as I go.