Who Am I

Like many hackers, my passion grew out of a teenage hobby.
For me, hacking is like solving a puzzle. I’ve grown up with computers and started messing with computers when I was about 11. This building & programming interest gradually become more low-level oriented, focusing on how to break software. Eventually, I started using this knowledge to my advantage.

I have taken part in many hack-a-thons and I was talent scouted from this event to work in a cyber-security operations centre as a cyber information analyst.in my position as a cyber information analyst, I worked as a head cyber analyst working in a 24-hour information security operations centre ISOC. I also managed and ran several cryptocurrency mining machines as a service provided to customers, which was 24 hours Linux-based work. I also helped host and build several GDPR events.

My main talents are self-taught and have learned as I have needed them such as info -scraping using technics such as searching open-source documentation and code base’s for any weakness. The attack vectors I use most are as follows, google Dorking( using google power searching to identify security vulnerabilities in many different forms), social engineering(methods such as phishing/ spear phishing), and analyzing packet capture’s to monitor and detect issues within the data centre.
I have also taken part in several double-blind pen testing, in this type of pen test, only one or two people within the organization will be aware that within a specified set of day a hack will take place after we have successfully taken data from there company we would provide a report detailing the areas that they could improve security, detailing the methods used and protection strategies.


Deliver high-quality security assessments (web, mobile and infrastructure), meeting client expectations
Get involved in team assessments as required
Produce written and verbal reports to clients to an excellent standard.
Support the sales team with pre-sales and assist with technical input into tenders and proposals
Carry out research when not on client deliverable work that can be used to enhance our services to clients
Work with teams across the business, providing the latest technical knowledge to collaborate on interesting client projects

Infosec Hobbies

Experience working in a 24-hour information security operations centre (ISOC),
cSociety is a community of people dedicated to hacking, development and cybersecurity, we offer ways for people to learn in practical ways such as CTF challenges and small community-based events. The community of people are ready to help with any issues you may have we were built from the winners of cscv’s coin challenge being the first people in the world to complete it.
Host of The Official account for #InfoSecHappyHour by
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. We take shitposting seriously!


Developing software solutions to suit business needs, resolving client and business queries and
maintenance requests, adapting current software to suit new client needs, managing a task-based
ticket service to resolve core user issues. In this role, i have developed a strong service now platform
skills expanded my knowledge of programming languages and I am currently working on developing
my skills within aws and java. Some skills I have honed over this time are as follows; troubleshooting,
software firewalls interactions, python, reporting, testing, attention to detail, problem-solving, work
under pressure & too tight deadlines


Alex Smith

​Jennifer is not only very technical minded, she also holds a calm and professional telephone manner and is used to working in a background of always ensuring that high levels of customer service are kept high. Jennifer has always immersed herself within IT & Technology and a lot of people would presume from her CV she would want to go down a Developer path however she really enjoys the prospect of supporting customers and resolving problems.
The fact that she can quickly understand the technical element behind it makes it even better for her. Jennifer is currently immediately available following her previous employer no longer being able to provide her with enough work and she is now eagerly seeking a stable employer that can provide her with the right role and path.

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