Advice bot Lincoln Hack 2019

This is a Blog post version of the power point that won us an award at Lincoln hack 2019

Advice bot

Ai For Good(Challenge)

About Our Hack.

We are targeting a need brought up in our investigations into what the 999 and 111 lines are predominantly used for and how best they could be helped. We will take the strain off of emergency service lines by filtering out people who need ‘distracting’ or are just lonely.

We will offer a non judgmental and non human voice for a person to talk to.

We will be able to signpost or forward to emergency services if necessary.

What our Ai can currently Help with.

The best of Artificial intelligence

An Ai that has been trained with over 250 individually recognized mindsets from people in crisis. The AI is able to tell what issue you are having by the tone of your voice and the words you use.

And Humanity

We consulted paramedics to make sure we were following the same rules and regs to insure we could comfort the caller while also giving the best advice and help, from loneliness to medical help we want to make sure we good for the people who trust us.

So how can you try it?

You can call Number Or Web address And help it develop


No longer Functional


Developer, Jennifer

Developer, Chloe

Head of human relations, Shannon

NHS Expert, James

Future integrations in testing:

Facebook messenger

Email Contact

Integration into 999 Calls to help automate and collect information quickly for paramedics

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