Custom Heads-Up Display(+ BETA TEST)

Heads Up Display ProtoType The aim of this project was to Produce an Artificial intelligence that uses SudoAR, I currently use the Vufine in several ways, on a non-work day I use it rigged up to ‘hacked’ chrome cast running a custom os (of my creation, this acts a lot like Google glass but with more added functionality). Its became a large part of a project I’ve been building for a while an AI system (named JARVIS). On a workday I use it to do everything from mirror phone screens for AR uses to see what the client sees without hovering over their shoulder, I also use it on public transport acting as a separate screen for my Surface tablet or desktop, it helps to have a second screen that is so noninvasive for anyone else, I use it to demo software to client’s and they are enthralled, they’ve never seen anything like it. it’s currently running my Ai Assistant Jarvis who runs Google maps API and social network APIs to give me info about my current area, my partner jokingly called it terminator vision, but jokes aside it works in a similar way. All software created by myself

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