Moon Base
This project has allowed me to explore and appreciate modeling and Procedural Landmass Generation.3D Modeling is something that will help me in later life, getting this opportunity to understand how 3d modeling can be utilized for game assets creation, has been invaluable. During this project I have been able to improve my own skills in 3d modeling, by learning to use several 3d modeling software such as; wings 3d, blender, 3ds max and finally the one I settled on Google sketch up. The skills I have acquired throughout this learning process have allowed me to see games that I currently play, in a whole new way, and appreciate the time and effort put into their modeling.

With my choice of the moon base location, I had to think outside of the box with the challenges of space such as; gravity, external pressure, and the alien landscape. Making sure that terrain and the buildings are appropriate. The timescale and the openness of this project, has made me improve my ability Self-regulate, using this log to track major milestones in the development path which allows me to track progress, allocate time effectively, and keep on track. Having had to take a year out away from my studies, this project has allowed me to get back into the swing of programming. This log has helped greatly in keeping track of how I maintain performance and keep track of my understanding. The freedom this project gave me has allowed me the confidence to try out unusual assets and to look into both procedural & manual modeling. To see the benefits and drawbacks of both sides.

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